Top 06 Romance Manhwa: Best Korean Comics for Love and Drama

Top 06 Romance Manhwa: Best Korean Comics for Love and Drama

Romance Manhwa is a special type of comic that is unique to South Korea. These comics focus on the drama and love between characters and often have a very emotional storyline. If you are looking for a good read that will pull at your heartstrings, then look no further than these Romance Manhwa! In this article, we will introduce you to six of the best Romance Manhwa out there.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Romance Manhwa #01: Business Proposal

A Business Proposal, which is also accessible on Tapas, stars another attractive dark-haired CEO and an employee of his firm. Ha-ri goes on a blind date at her best friend’s house in order to avoid unwelcome marriage proposals in the future. To her dismay, the blind date is with her company’s youthful new CEO, and Ha-ri must appear to be her closest friend while concealing her actual identity. Taemu, on the other hand, arrives with the purpose of marrying his blind date so that his family will no longer nag him about marriage. This forced professional romance threatens to bloom into a true one through a web of lies and deception.

Romance Manhwa #02: Let’s play

Let’s Play is another popular romantic webtoon that will be adapted into a K-drama in the future. It portrays Sam Young, a software and game developer who is destined to inherit Young Technologies. Sam and her buddies have an online raid group, and they meet at their neighborhood coffee shop to bond through their love of video games. When a popular game streamer named Marshall Law comes into Sam’s flat, their lives are constantly upended. This adorable friend group will keep viewers guessing as they wonder who will eventually wind up with who as the young IT geeks learn to navigate life and relationships. Every Tuesday, Let’s Play is published on the Webtoon platform.

Romance Manhwa #03: True Beauty

True Beauty is a must-read for romance manhwa enthusiasts as one of the most popular webtoon titles that just received a K-drama translation. The series follows Jugyeong, who uses cosmetics to protect herself from bullying by entirely changing her appearance. At the local comic book store in high school, she encounters a troubled tsundere named Suho. She quickly meets Suho’s ex-best buddy Seojun, who goes on to become a K-pop idol. While this romantic webtoon focuses on the three friends’ intricate and interesting love triangle, it also addresses wider topics such as inner beauty and self-worth. True Beauty fans may read new episodes every Wednesday on the Webtoon platform.

Romance Manhwa #04: Orange Marmalade

Seok Woo wrote and drew Orange Marmalade. Mari Baek hides her actual identity to live as a normal high school girl in a world where vampires are no longer feared as bloodthirsty monsters but are instead discriminated against.

Her crush, however, is the most popular lad in school who also happens to despise vampires. Mari Baek will either expose her identity to him or continue to observe him from afar.

Romance Manhwa #05: Something About Us

Li Yun Ji wrote and drew Something About Us. Prepare for a lot of fluff, as well as a friends-to-lovers romance, in this manhwa. The plot revolves around two childhood friends at college, Da Gayoung and Han Woojin, who is frequently mistaken for a couple.

Others regard them as an ideal pair, but they consider themselves best friends do they? They don’t know how to characterize their connection to themselves or others since it blurs the line between friends and lovers. What type of relationship will it be in the end?

Romance Manhwa #06: You At First Sight

Icchae wrote and drew You at First Sight. A slice-of-life slow-burn romance with a mysterious twist. There are two seasons to this manhwa, so there will be enough to read when you finish the first. Yechan can sense a person’s inner thoughts instead of their face, making her appear cold to others.

But when she can view a boy’s face without hearing his thoughts, the consolation of white noise piques her attention. Will Yechan be able to get to know this child and figure out why she can see his face?

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 06 Romance Manhwa! These comics are sure to tug at your heartstrings, and leave you feeling all the feels! Have you read any of this Manhwa? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy reading! 🙂



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